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Back, again, it's the incredible!

Well. Maybe not so incredible but it's me.

Some of you will have noticed the slow devolution of my facebook page and probably not cared much. Here's what's going on with that.

I'm getting everything I've drawn or written in a professional capacity off FB. No pics. No exerpts. No participation in ridiculous debates.

Facebook is, to me, no more than a timesink and no less than a window on the often crappier parts of other folks' minds.

There are people i like a lot less now than i did before they had a FB presence and one of those people is sometimes me.

So, for real, I'm done. I'll still sometimes get messages ther but don't count on it getting a quick response. 

I'll be here, on twitter and at Genre 19.

Maybe that will hurt my book sales. Maybe it will hurt my comics' sales.

Don't care. 

I think FB is toxic and that's what I'm doing about it.

The other thing i've been posting from time to time is the imminent vanishing of most of my ebook catalogue.

I expect that 90% of the WINTERMAN PROJECT books will be unavailable after the middle of August or so.

This doesn't mean I'm not writing anymore. Far from it. But this version of that experiment has run its course.

Everyone who bought books, AWESOME! Thanks! Please leave comments on the sites where you bought them because that's how other people know how awesome (or crappy) your book experience was. You can help them to a great experience or save them from an awful one. I'm good either way.

If you HAVEN'T bought any of my ebooks (and want to), I would recommend getting  a move on.  

That's it.

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