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KNIGHT RIDER: PHASE 1 is getting close to ending. I can't say winding down because things are about to get SICK but phase one is nearly done. I'm pretty pleased with the overall and I think most of the doubters have been reassured that I wasn't out to crush the baby.


PHANTOM CANYON debuted a little while ago and, frankly, wow. Based on the strong response, I can pretty much guarantee Pendant and I will be repeating our partnership. AWESOME.


No immediate plans for JOURNEYMEN at the moment although Todd and I have the first story arc for an eventual series worked out and committed to paper. This one's just a matter of timing.


What you have to look forward to for the rest of the year.

AUDIO PROJECT #2 is still in process; More on that in a few weeks after a certain trio of creators gets together to work out an endgame. I think you will be well pleased even though it is not a Pendant copro. Yes. I think we all will be very well pleased.

The revamped/updated/relaunched PILGRIM is still on hiatus for reasons that will become clear at the bottom of this page. I'll be back on that in about a month, give or take.


PRODIGAL #2 is still in the scripting stage but it is moving and will come out this year. 

Pay attention to BEN 10: OMNIVERSE. I mean, you should be anyway because it's awesome but I wrote an ep this year that was so much fun I can't wait to see what the folks did to realize it.

(this is not my ep but it WAS awesome)

There's another animated something that I'm prevented from discussing but it will see daylight this year.

I hope to conclude the GALATEA'S CROSS serial novel this year (there's only a few more installments) and THE MEME CATHEDRAL is about half done as well (sorry for the delay on that. Mea culpa.). 


It's still slightly too early to discuss the project that is currently eating my brain but, trust me, it's MAJOR. So much so I'm kind of pinching myself to make sure this isn't some sort of psychotic break and I'm not in a padded cell somewhere dreaming it. 

And, oh, yeah. I got a wicked cool idea for  series of YA novels that, of course, came precisely when I can do the least about it. But that's what the notebooks are for. 

Anyway, I made this because the thought put a smile on me. 



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