Opening Day

Hey. Geoff here. I'm trying hard to consolidate my web presences (because people keep screaming at me to do that). So, over the next little while I'll be bringing in the best stuff from the old ones and posting the new stuff here where everyone who's looking can easily come.


As this is the first post, I'd like to answer a couple of questions.


1) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne. I used to be an actor and had a pretty good career going before I realized it wasn't for me and segued into my first, primary love: writing.  If you want to see my acting resume (and God knows why you would), you can see it here at  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0861382/




2) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne. I wrote a handful of stories and one novel set in the STAR TREK universe. I've also written comics and lots more stuff that's not in the STAR TREK universe. You can find nearly all my stuff on AMAZON. Here's a link-  LINK



3) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne, TV/Screenwriter.So far, I've written for LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, LEVERAGE (seasons 3 thru 5), BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN and the upcoming BEN 10: OMNIVERSE.  If you're looking for something more comprehensive, you can click the CAT on the front page.


4) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne. I used to draw and design for a living. It's not impossible that I did some work for you. I won't say I didn't appreciate the business but I'm glad I'm out of it.


5) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne. I'm the writing half of GENRE 19.

6) Yes. I'm that Geoff Thorne. 

Older. Fatter. Probably a little crazier. I'm the guy who made this site and owns this blog and who will, in theory, talk about stuff here that is of some interest to you.


I don't promise to agree with you or to be the guy you assume me to be based on my work but I do promise to be the actual me, as I actually am, at all times.

Thanks for coming. Hope you stick around.


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