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The story so far...

For the last MANY months I've been gainfully and deeeeeeeeply employed, working on Marvel's upcoming AVENGERS: BLACK PANTHER'S QUEST which will premiere on DISNEY XD some time next year. I think. I hope. They don't actually tell me these things.

That is, almost literally, all I'm allowed to say, legally, at this juncture. Except that, in making this thing, I'm having (aside from waking up in cold sweats in terror over any potential failure) some of the most fun I've had in my professional life. It's no secret Marvel is quite cagey about its projects and leaks about those projects (let's face it; it's like working for NASA or the FBI or something. YIKES!) but, due to their announcing me at the San Diego Comic Book Convention I can admit to what I've been doing all this time and why, from an outside standpoint, my creative output may seem to have waned a bit. Not so. Like, REALLY, not so. Head writer on this monster, baby. For nearly a year now. CONFIRMED. Even more fun than that, at least in terms of announcing things and letting the fans in on stuff, Marvel OFFICIALLY released some of the character designs for the new show at the New York Comic Book Convention. It made some news and those pics are out so, again, I can show them here. Check it out.

I'm so happy with all this and so excited for everyone to see what we're making but, again, I'm legally disallowed from saying much more than just that. Still... as you're seeing a new style on the character designs, I can't keep you from making logical inferences from that. And, if you know my feelings about super-heroes, how they should be approached, what they're for and my feelings about adventure animation in general the fact that I'm happy and EXCITED about this show should also tell you quite a bit. Draw your own conclusions. GT

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