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After all this time I still haven't figured out blogs. They're not dairies. I'm not a journalist, passing on anything remotely cutting edge. I'm not a teacher (way too harsh on slackers for that. I'd get fired in two days.) There are stacks of dedicated sites like MEDIUM for all sorts of sophistry from folks like me. Also, I'm thinking, maybe, the time of NEW blogs getting traction is probably over? I think, maybe. I mean, I rarely, if ever, trash people. I'm not sure I have any wisdom to impart that hasn't been imparted better by, possibly, hundreds prior to me. Selfie-based-youtube mostly disgusts me so I'm not going to be participating in that shitshow. As for the informational parts which are often quite helpful... I don't teach make-up tricks or dieting or combat techniques. I don't review other people's work much because "UGH, why?"

Actually I did for a while at BLACK SCI FI DOT COM but the site changed hands and, really, the actual writing-for-pay kept kicking me in the butt there, schedule-wise.

I did my ONE MORE PASS thing on MEDIUM about how to fix GHOSTBUSTERS (and all other multi-ethnic films) going forward and had some really pithy stuff to say about MAN OF STEEL I guess I could post (years too late, dude. they already did the sequel.). But, really, meh. So, why even bother with this? There a sort of zeitgeisty thing that says, "This is how things are now with twitter and snapchat and all. This is the present and we have to be PRESENT in the present if we want to keep creating." I guess. But more and more I'm finding myself bored by the stuff I see on TWITTER and elsewhere. Even my own participation seems somehow pre-packaged. It's like everything worth saying's pretty much been said. All of us already know what we think about most of the Big Ideas our species has produced. I'm not in the business of wasting time "defending" my "atheism" (don't get me started. Professional atheists are some of the worst human beings ever to present themselves. Worse than recently ex ex-smokers. Like SHUT UP. Seriously. You're the WORST poster children for anything decent. Wait. What was I saying? Oh. Right.) or beating up on Donald Trump and his scummy cronies and supporters. I mean, really? Like that's difficult? They are just awful, awful people. They can't even hide how awful they are so how hard is it to point out the awful and have a go? Not hard at all, as it turns out. Therefore, meh. Meh, meh, meh. I write well. Certainly well enough for the living I'm making at it and I really like a lot of the projects I'm on lately (not ALWAYS the case. sorry, kids. it's a job sometimes, not just a vocation.). Personal life's pretty good. Smiles almost all around there. Normal. I'm writing a lot of my own stuff too and drawing like a madman this year. Lots of breakthroughs. But still. Meh. Ever buy a fountain soda, filled with beautiful crushed ice and then drink half and then leave it because something distracted you and then come back to it to find the ice melted and still drink it anyway? Lately, when I stop long enough to just process, life tastes a lot like that watered down fountain drink. Just enough kick there to remind you why you like it but now really just a watery remnant of its former self. Or maybe I'm the watery remnant. Hard to tell in these cases. The other thing about blogs that is both quixotic and freeing is, mostly most people don't read them unless someone else tells them it's the thing to do. So, barring threat-making or passing on poison recipes or bomb schematics or something, the odds are high that anyone reading this will be me. Tell you what: You should go make me some new things. These old ones are just boring the shit out of me. OTOH: Maybe it's just Thursday.

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